Candidate Sourcing

Build your Database of Candidates
and Resumes

Multiple Points of Contact for each Candidate

Leverage Licensing Boards, LinkedIn and other Social Network Mediums to find Candidates with Unique Skill Sets

Business Development

Identify key HR Staff and Decision Makers within Desired Companies or Entire Industries

Break into New Markets with R2's Lead Generation and Market Mapping

Customized B2B Lead Generation
Candidate Sourcing

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Candidate Sourcing
Database Updating

Free Database Consulting

Email Verification: Verification that an email  address is active.

Email Appending: Correction of emails found to be out of date or incorrect.

Update your contacts in your current Market

Address the issue of Data Decay in your Database

Turn your Database into a Revenue Generating Tool again

What Makes Us Different?

Information Exclusivity
Targeted Real Time Information
Total Customization
Free on-site or Virtual Consultation

[ Leveraging the Internet for the Best in Business Intelligence ]
B2B for Sales & Marketing
Sourcing for Recruiters
Database Updating
Lead Generation

Name Acquisition & Data Mining: Research and Data Capture activities against Targeted Industry Verticals and desired titles

List Building: Customized Market Mapping for Industries.  Excellent for New and Emerging Markets

Identify and Capture Member Directories, Association Lists as well as Professional Networking sites

Exporting: Customized Title Groups to match your target audience

Click Here to Book a Live Demo and you will receive:
  • Contacts from 5 Profiled Companies of your choice to be used for Sales, Marketing & Business Devlopment
* You have a choice between RAW data of Profiled Results of chosen companies OR Candidate Resumes.  You will be asked to provide specifics at conclusion of your Demo as to your desired companies and titles within.  For Candidate Resumes, you will be asked to provide information such as certifications, titles, and/or geographic areas.  There is no guarantee as to number of results obtained through search as RAW data is dependent upon the company / person's web presence.
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